White Rabbit Pizza Co- Review

I love nothing better than a fast food replacement on my tired mum days and one thing i really miss is a good pizza. Over Christmas i won a prize from the people at The White Rabbit Pizza Co, this was for a meal for two at their pub in oxford but unfortunately this wasnt suitable for me. So they very kindly offered to send me some pizzas for me to cook at home which was great as it meant I could eat loads more pizza in the comfort of my own home (we all know going out can just be a mission with kids)

When i received my box i was so happy as not only did they send me some of their plain bases but some ready made vegan pizzas to which weren’t just gluten free and vegan but also soya free too. We were so excited we had to cook some that day and get the verdict from our little duck.

We were very impressed with the vegan pizza it was crunchy and tasted like a fresh homemade pizza dough. Im not a big thick crust pizza lover so these were perfect for me and Little Duck to. The verdict from Little Duck was they were delicious (I can tell you she’s not easily impressed with food) and the OH also agreed. The other good thing is you can keep these in the freezer and just take them out 20 minutes before baking and you’re ready to go so a perfect family quick dinner to keep for those stressful days.


Our Duck rating for these was a 8/10 . My only issue would be that the vegan pizzas weren’t nut free and i know from my insta post that some of you agreed with this. So another option for the vegan which is also nut free would be a great improvement. If you would like to buy these pizzas i have put all the details of where they are available with a few links to with all the White Rabbit Social Media links to.

Check out my recipe below for a Vegan and Gluten Free Garlic Bread using the White Rabbit Bases

Vegan and Gluten Free Garlic Bread

1 White Rabbit Plain Base

6 Garlic Cloves, crushed

3 Tbsp Vitalite (Dairy free butter)

salt and pepper


  1. Put garlic cloves in a blender or use a garlic grater.
  2. Mix crushed garlic and dairy free butter.
  3. Spread onto base and season with salt and pepper
  4. Bake in oven as per pack instructions.


Hope you all enjoy making these and eating them as much as i have if you woudl like to buy some follow the info below and links to Abel and Cole online


There pizzas can be found in all the places below:
Stores – Whole Foods London, Planet Organic London, As Nature Intended, The Better Food Co. (Bristol)

Online – Abel & Cole, Planet Organic ,Β Click here for the full list

Pubs & Restaurants – The White Rabbit Oxford, The White Rabbit Bristol, Dodo Pubs in Oxford & Cheltenham ,
They have also won quite a few awards to:
PAPA Industry Awards 2016 – Winner in the Innovative Pizza Category
Free From Food Awards 2016 – Winner in the Pasta & Pizza Category
Lunch! Innovation Challenge 2015 – Winner of the Most Innovative Product


See below there Social Media Links and go ahead and give them a follow: – @white_rabbit_pizza_co – @whiterabbitpiz



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