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Sainsbury’s New Dairy Free Range Review – Amy

Today we have Amy’s first review for the blog i was very excited to have Amy review the new Sainsbury’s Range as me and Astrid unfortunately cannot have soya but we are working towards trying it so to have Amy already test all the products for me has saved me a lot of time on what is the best ones. For those of you who haven’t tried the range yet check out Amy’s review below for all the details on the Gary. 


It was announced early this year that Sainsbury’s was going to be launching an extended Free From range, including dairy free cheese made from coconut oil.

Cut to a few weeks ago when the range, particularly the cheese, *ahem* Gary was in the spotlight again for a different reason-

As an avid cheese lover, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the new range and I haven’t been disappointed.

There is even a vegan friendly and gluten free vegetable lasagna which is lovely if you fancy a cheat meal during the week.


Free From Wensleydale with Cranberries


This is absolutely amazing. It tastes like the dairy version and even has the same, crumbly texture. I demolished a pack of this in three days.

If there is one criticism the ‘end bit’ lacks flavour. However, the second slice, when you hit the cranberries, takes me to Christmas.

I’ve tried this cheese in pasta and with my home made sweet potato hash and the ‘cheese’ adds a subtle, welcome sweetness.

I would definitely score this 10/10


Free from Greek Style (Feta)


Since being vegan, I have not been able to find a vegan Feta substitute.

I was initially sceptical as the first waft reminded me of a sweaty foot. However, please, please do not let this put you off. Cheese would not be cheese if it didn’t have a certain smell associated to it.

The cheese has a subtle saltiness, very similar to feta. Like the Wensleydale it has the same texture as its’ dairy counterpart; it is very crumbly and would be wonderful scattered over a salad.

The one downside to this is if it gets warm, you can taste a mild coconut flavour. Which, if you love coconut, would be right up your street. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of coconuts so this was a slight issue. Easily overcome, as I know not to put it on anything warm.

Being able to have ‘feta’ and broadening the scope of vegan cheese is brilliant and I would happily score this product 8/10/


Garlic and Herb alternative to soft cheese


One word to describe this product ‘Amazing’.

I love dairy free cream cheese. I haven’t come across a bad one but this one knocks the socks off some of its’ counterparts.

It tastes exactly like Philidelphia. It is incredible in pasta and in a jacket potato.

The only downside is the tub is a little smaller than some of the other dairy free cheese spreads I have tried. However, I will certainly be stocking up on this when I’m next in Sainsbury’s.

A big fat 10/10 for this. Definitely my favourite product.


Free From Vegetable Lasagna

For once, being able to throw something in the microwave after a day at work was a huge relief.

Generally, microwave meals receive a lot of bad press, primarily due to the flavour.

This lasagna is filled with a generous amount of vegetables. The dairy free bechamel sauce has a wonderful taste, as does the tomato sauce.

The only downside is that when it’s dished up on a plate, it does look a little sloppy and certainly not like the image on the packaging.

However, it is certainly worth having in your freezer for those nights when you don’t want to cook. However, at £3.00 a pop, I can only justify having one on standby.

A good product, but the price point is quite steep. For this I would give the product 8/10.



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