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Back down Memory Lane – Rod McKenzie, Modern Dad Pages

Today we have a happy story from Rod about his good times as a child with his loving family and plenty of messing around. I think for anyone who knows him he hasn’t changed still smiling and causing chaos in our insta world. This is a good happy story of Rods childhood I am very privileged to have him on board, plus we need some Man views over here too. So lovely to have so many photos for a post πŸ™‚
Growing up I was definitely a happy child. I was always laughing and goofing around. We had moved a lot when I was a child and my closest friends was my family. My dad being a hard rock miner had moved us around until we finally settled in Saskatchewan. Here is a photo of my dad, brothers sister and I (my mom was there, but someone had to take the photo lol).

My dad would have to go in to camp depending where he worked anywhere from 4-8 weeks and out for two. When he would come home those couple of weeks he was home. We would spend the days together doing things, like taking walks or going in to Saskatoon to the mall to do some shopping. Here is a pic taken when I invaded my dads shaving time hahaha!

I was always goofing around asΒ  child and would do things that made me happy. Like this photo below where I was riding my bike and wearing my dads hard hat.
Or in this photo wearing boxing gloves on my feet as shoes and carrying a hockey stick.

Or in this photo being a cowboy and pulling out mi six shooter cap gun.

The things I did as a child when I looked backed through the photos I do have (which isn’t very many as my parents weren’t great with as they hardly took any photos) brought back some very good memories. Thank you Ally for inviting me to write this and taking me down memory lane!

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