Vegan and Gluten Free Life by Amy

Welcome Amy to our Duck Pond Family

So I have very exciting news for the blog, i will be having a frequent guest blogger Amy who is going to share with us reviews, recipes and all things vegan and gluten free (including recipes with soya). We will be also be doing some collaboration blogs too so please join me in welcoming Amy and take a read below about her. Thank you Amy and welcome to the Duck Pond ♥


I’m Amy and I live in Norfolk with my partner and 3 cats. We’re getting married next year (my partner and I, not me and my cats) so things are pretty hectic at the moment!
I’ve been vegan for just over 11 years and I certainly wouldn’t change a thing. Being veggie from the age of 11, it just seemed a natural progression.
I first starting having issues with gluten 10 years ago. At first, it was just bloating which went as quickly as it came. However, 5 years ago was when I first noticed trouble and I eventually cut out wheat and then gluten.
I have had numerous trips to the doctors, including having a blood test for Coeliac disease. However, as I had cut out gluten, the test came back as ‘satisfactory’.
I cannot go through having to eat gluten days before the blood test, therefore I haven’t been back to the doctors. Other than when I thought I was having an allergic reaction after accidentally eating a crumb and my throat swelling up. The doctor wasn’t interested and just told me to take some anti-hystimenes.
So I am completely gluten free. I can’t eat gluten-free oats so I won’t be including these in any of the recipes which I provide.

Please click here to have a read of Amy’s Wedding blog which will have all ideas for any brides to be 

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I have been nominated for an Allergy Blog award, Amy`s addition to the blog is helping to expand my blog for all you lovely people. I would really appreciate your support please click on the link below and vote for me in the Parent Allergy Blogger and Free From recipes category.

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