My tips for moving with a Toddler

Firstly let me just say if at all possible don’t move with a toddler ha-ha it isn’t fun. In fact its definitely top of my list for stressful things I have dealt with over my mummy life. But if you really have to hopefully these tips will make it easier.

1. Packing boxes isn’t fun at all and they won’t be much help with that but one way I entertained Astrid while I packed was to let her decorate the inside of the boxes with colouring pens. Great distraction method and plus you have pretty boxes to put things in.

2. Let them pack there own toys and sort them how they like. That way they can feel more involved with the packing process and help them to realise that moving is happening.

3. Be prepared to give them lots of comfort and be prepared for some regression. For us Astrid stopped eating as much and lost all interest in potty training. Plus lots of tears the settling back to normal process is long and were still not back to normal yet.

astrid painitng
So this was a good idea right :S

4. Decorating with a little one is a nightmare but hear me out let them help. Crazy as it sounds as long as your painting all walls the same colour it is possible not to have tonnes of mess. Little bit of trust in them and they usually do as there told..  Of course there may be some paint on the clothes or in the wrong place but hey anything for a bit of peace.

5. Make sure you try to get some mummy toddler time in there too, moving can be so full on and stressful you can get lost amongst the boxes with a gin and tonic and a fort of stuff surrounding you. I tried to make sure everyday to make extra time for Astrid which really helped her feel less uneasy about moving and also secure about mummy being there for her to.
toddler time
Silly Selfie Time is an appropriate way to spend our mummy daughter time 🙂
6. Finally breathe… Remember to take 5 minutes to breathe. Have a cup of tea, play some silly game on your phone, read your mummy blogs whatever you do to relax don’t forget to do it. Moving can be so full on you can forget about yourself to so remember to make time for mummy.

I hope that these tips might make it a but easier for all you parents out there. Please feel free to share your tips to so we can all help each other.

Mummy Duck

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