Politicians and Peacocking

So after months of political arguing and peacocking around the day is finally here, well tomorrow it is anyway. The big EU referendum I’m sure for most parents especially those with young children it is the last thing on your mind. But for me it couldn’t be more important I mean realistically this decision will affect mine and Astrid’s life and the majority of her childhood. For all my life I have only known living in the EU I hear people talk of what it was like before and how amazing and free it was but I mean I just can’t see it.

Don’t worry I’m not going to sit here and persuade you to vote this way or that way don’t think I won’t share my opinion with you though anyone who knows me will tell you if I’ve got an opinion you’re going to hear about it. When I was deciding on which way to vote I mean it was an easy decision I wanted to stay in and then I started listening to all the different side and still didn’t change my mind I was definitely set on my view and I thought to myself how will all this voting and bickering look to my now 2 and half year old daughter when she’s older. When I think of all the scare mongering tactics that have been used, not on just the leave campaign but also on the remain it just made me realize how most of these politicians don’t really care how they win lies and all there out to show who has the biggest….. Well we all know what they’re trying to say.

I sat watching the EU referendum debate on BBC last night and was just watching them all come up with rant after rant of who said this and who said that, neither side really getting at facts if there actually are any we can rely on and then it came to immigration a topic that is really hit home with a lot of leave voters and I thought to myself what sort of message does it send to my little girl that people want to vote out because they don’t want any more immigrants from the EU here. I mean how close minded and backwards would it be to say to someone who’s working here in our schools and in our hospitals “oh I’m sorry actually your services aren’t good enough not because you’re not skilled enough, no just because you’re foreign and I don’t really want you here anymore” I mean how ridiculous does that sound someone whose working here helping people and trying to better their lives they should leave but yet the woman you see on the TV who has 13 (I don’t know exact numbers) children and claiming thousands of benefits a year or she can stay she’s British and of course somebody from the EU is stealing her job don’t kid yourself people she doesn’t want a job she’s clearly got some considerable moral and questionable decision making skills. I’m not saying you can’t have 13 children except my views on lots of children is another discussion entirely but for god sake don’t blame an immigrant (EU or otherwise) for why you don’t have a job.

Another big point that came up was how we are helping Turkey and other such countries to meet EU classifications so that they can join the EU and that’s bad bad bad of course. Why? I mean Why you wouldn’t want a country to better their selves and become a more democratic and accepting country with a good political system. I mean that’s crazy isn’t it that were kicking off about a country whose really just trying to improve the lives of all there citizens. I don’t know about any other parents but as a mother I think if this helps just a few children living in Turkey well than it’s worth it to me. I’m sure your thinking what a waste of tax payers money well back to the lady above with her bazillion children  I can definitely think of other ways of wasting money and yes there is the child element of course don’t want to see children suffer but we’ve all seen these programmes money isn’t helping their situation let’s be honest.

I would like to think that when Astrid is older she can look at me and Tom and think my parents are open minded people who don’t discriminate based on where someone comes from. I mean you can guess from all my ranting above I am definitely voting IN and Tom is the same luckily for our house otherwise the debates would never end. But we are both very open minded people with all the things that have happened in the last week with the sad death of Jo Cox I think this EU debate has gone on long enough with people letting all this political peacocking sway their views. So when you vote tomorrow forget who has the prettiest feathers or who can be the most radical or comes up with the more interesting ridiculous number that we spend every week. Just think to yourself from the heart which side really sings to you more and go with that. I’ve already voted as I’m postal and if you’re like me well then I just hope you enjoyed the read and I’m sure your shouting at your screen just like I would be either in rage or agreement.


Mummy Duck



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