Being the tough parent..

These two, she is such a daddy’s girl ever since she was small. She just loves spending time with him obviously because he is the fun one as im a mean mummy (Hitler Mummy as daddy calls me) I am strict with her always have been tbh every since she was born I’ve been telling her off for things it may sound crazy to tell a newborn off and im sure plenty of mums would think me cruel but there’s one thing I wanted her to learn early when mummy says no it means no. Ok yes I wasn’t shouting at a newborn banning her to the cot but I would tell her off for whinging just to be picked up and yes 9 times out of 10 I would go pick her up of course I was a new mum and panicked every time she cried or didn’t cry for that matter. But one thing I wanted to teach myself too was how to be strict with her even if it meant I actually got upset myself sometimes.

You’re probably thinking why did I do it to myself?, to be honest being a parent I a hard game and if you give them an inch they will take a mile even a newborn baby will, I know it sounds crazy but dont forget there learning all the time as soon as they learn this particular sound or cry gets them your utmost attention you can bet they will be doing it again.

I’ve always wanted to be a mum ever since I was a young girl playing with all my baby borns I would ask for them at Christmas, birthdays any presents I could have. But I really wanted to be a good and strong mum, my mum was a very strong lady and we had some very tough times when I was little but she was string through all of them and when she said no by god did it mean no (of course sometimes I ignored no and did what I wanted plenty of things that shouldn’t have been done that’s for sure). So I guess I learned from my mum that if I was strong with Astrid and strict it will hopefully in the end pay off.

Personally and I know we all think the same about our children (90% of the time anyways) I think Astrid is absolutely brilliant she makes me so proud to be her mum, every time I here her say thank you for something, or bless you when someone sneezes I think to myself I may not be the fun mum but I am definitely the most proud mum.




Mummy Duck



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