I’m hungry: Easy family recipes free from milk, egg, soya, wheat and gluten by Tanya Wright.

I have a new recipe book which I was very excited to get, its by Astrid’s dietician Tanya Wright. This is a great recipe book for anyone who has discovered they have allergies or intolerances. It has simple and easy to follow recipes with lots of helpful tips for people who are new to the life of dietary issues. Such as ingredients to be sure to check one if which I hadn’t checked myself naughty I know.

Looking through the book I saw so many recipes I can’t wait to try I decided to start with the Sticky Sauce as we were having stir fry Sunday this was an easy recipe and really tasty would be great as a Chinese hoisin substitute or a dipping sauce for some meat or vegetables as a starter to a meal.

On Monday I had to do my cooking for the week and wanted to try some baking to so this was a great opportunity to tryΒ  another recipe. I decided to go for Shortbread as I had never made a gluten free version before this was super easy and I felt a bit silly I hadn’t tried it before, Astrid was my helper and got a bit carried away with mixing and decided to try and eat all the mix too cheeky thing. I can guarantee you this recipe will be so easy for anyone to do and I was very pleased to say it worked really well. I don’t know about anyone else but cooking gluten free, let alone egg, dairy and soya free is a challenge at times and I find I can follow a lot of recipes and it just doesn’t work. So when i find recipes that work its a life saver to me and makes the whole cooking process a lot more enjoyable, so I would definitely recommend this recipe to those who need a quick biscuit for any cooking ability.

Last recipe I tried was the falafel for my little sister, as you all know she is going on a more vegetarian path and with our food in the house she also tends to have a lot of vegan food. I didn’t have a recipe for falafel till now which I was pretty shocked by we have so many cookbooks and it wasn’t in one of them so I was pleased to see it when I got this recipe book. Again another super easy recipe I skipped the chilli in this as Freddie isn’t great with hot food but she said they were very yummy and I will definitely be making more as a good snack to keep in the fridge for Astrid and me.

I can’t wait to try a lot more recipes from this book im especially looking forward to dinosaur bones ( Astrid will love making these they are spare ribs to me and you but I thought what a cute name great to get kids eating), banana brownies and sweet and sour pork as I really miss a good Chinese.

Definitely I would go get a copy of this book if you are struggling for quick easy family recipes or need some more baking tips. A must for any household with allergies or intolerances. Will keep you up to date with more recipes and how they go for me would love to gear how they go for you if you get a copy too.

Love Mummy and little duck


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