Allergy tests, Dietician and a trip to Ipswich

Last weekend was a busy one for us it started with a tiring night with Astrid sleeping awful due to the 39 degree temperature she had. She has been sleeping very bad recently tossing and turning every night for over a week now (not that she ever sleeps through mind you). We had to be at the hospital for half 8 which is a very early appointment but its not to bad for us as we live 5 minute walk away pretty much.

Seeing Astrid’s dietician which was great we are so lucky as she is brilliant always so helpful and a joy to go and see. This was our second hospital trip this week as earlier we had seen Astrid’s allergy doctor. She had her allergy test as normal which she has once a year which was good as there were no new allergies but still positive on egg but fingers crossed its gone down slightly and I it continues next year she will be doing a baked egg challenge. We were also advised we need to start trying to see if she can tolerate cows milk protein and gave us a copy of the milk ladder I wasn’t feeling very happy about this to be honest at first as I always get worried that if we introduce all the intolerances back in she will go downhill and be ill every week again. After seeing Astrid’s dietician I felt much happier about it all she explained a lot better and made it seem less scary and more exciting for Astrid.Β  We also discussed Astrid’s general health and weight etc which was all good so was a positive visit to the end of the week.

After the hospital we had a busy time packing suitcases and sorting everything ready to drive to Ipswich for my friend Emily and Chris’ wedding. Before we left I made sure Astrid was doped up on Calpol and Nurofen so her temperature was kept down for the journey. We made a quick stop at our local Tesco before we left as well as you never know what food will be like at service stations. It is one of the worst places with dietary requirements I think (excluding aeroplane food), there is so little choice unless it has a M&S or McDonalds and we dont always feel like unhealthy chips all the time.

So we began our journey stocked up on popcorn, grapes and sweets of course Astrid was in charge of the food choice. It was a dreadful journey there plenty of rain, traffic and an irritated toddler. Once we got there we decided probably a good idea to get some dinner in a place we dont know well we go straight for McDonalds we always know Astrid and me can eat there and its a safe option. We try not to have it to often as its not overly healthy for us but when you’re staying in a hotel the options are slim. Astrid went for her usual Hamburger happy meal no bun which is an easy one for them. Mine however Big tasty no bun, no cheese, no sauce can cause issues but we got lucky and all the food was right thank god.

Once we were back at the hotel I checked the allergy menu for breakfast I don’t usually bother to look with Premier Inns as im not great for testing out new places which is an old habit of mine from growing up with coeliac disease I always hated discussing my diet with people, sometimes I still am in the habit of not asking. The allergy menu was really informative with everything on it including the jams so I thought we would give it a go, plus children eat free. With it being all you can eat I thought Astrid can just eat endless amounts of fruit salad, she did however get some fried breakfast with hash browns, tomato, beans and bacon I infirmed the waitress of her allergy and they were brilliant so careful and brought it to us straight away. Astrid didn’t eat hardly any unfortunately think this was as she was still ill but she was happy to eat some fruit and was so excited with the unlimited fruit juices available.

Before we went to the wedding in the afternoon we popped to the town centre and visited M&S food to get some food for us to eat, wedding caterers are usually pretty good but thus was a barbecue and the cross contamination wasn’t worth the risk. We picked up some lovely bits though cocktail sausages (Astrid loves these and they are completely allergy free), chicken with chimichurri, prawns with garlic and some pineapple and tamarind chicken. Not overly exciting but would do the job for us.

Getting ready with a toddler is a nightmare on any day let alone when they are ill and you cant do anything without them wanting you. I was going do my hair properly with lots of curls but that went out the window tbh, combination of screaming child and her having about 5 nappy changes in 20 minutes made it impossible. But we did manage to get sorted in the end with thrown together hair and matching dresses.
I was super excited to see Emily and Chris get   married i have known both of them from uni and was very honoured to be invited to there wedding. To be honest I just love weddings they are such a happy occasion and I always love to see all the little touches and decor each different couple choose. This was a beautiful wedding in a barn the decor was just perfect and the food not that I could eat it looked lovely. They even gave us a colouring book for Astrid which I thought was such a nice touch and kept Astrid and Daddy busy 😊.

All in all it was a lovely weekend and we had a great time but plenty to do on Sunday when I got home washing and cleaning wasn’t a very long escape from the duties of motherhood.

Congratulations Emily and Chris

Love Mummy and little duck.


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