Time in Tintagel

Finally got round to posting our last day if holiday it has been such a busy week that I haven’t found the time to sit and take some time to write it all down. On my journey from work so finaly found some time to share with you.

On our last day of Cornwall holidays we like to stop at Tintagel for some walking around, shopping and lunch at the King Arthur’s Arms.  It is such a great place to eat portions are huge and they offer a great selection of gluten free options if your like me and Astrid and you require a bit more than gluten free you can ask for the allergy menu which even has a list of all the bar drinks to.

Astrid always has a big meal as unfortunately there are no allergy friendly kids options but its all really well priced so I don’t mind. I went for a steak and kidney pie this time which was absolutely delicious and free of all our normal things (gluten, soya, egg, dairy). This was so delicious and the gravy was amazing I wish I knew the recipe as it is just so yummy and moreish. It came with some nice new potatoes and peas so was plenty for me to eat.

Astrid had a favourite of hers sweet and sour chicken with rice and from the picture you can see it was a humungous portion she was just so happy and ate at least half of it all. I was so impressed with this as soya can be such a pain for us with any Chinese food. It us such a favourite of mine as well I really miss a good Chinese take away.

My mum and sisters meals were not completely allergy free unfortunately but I always like to share everyone’s food with you so you can see what other options are available, as im sure im not the only one who is alone in there family with allergies. My little sister has recently decided to go on a vegetarian path (which I must admit was challenging for me to cook for at first 😌) she had a jacket potato classic beans and cheese an equally big portion. My mum (Astrids MeeMaa) had fish cakes and new potatoes, she had fish cakes twice on holiday but fish in Cornwall is so good.

We had a lovely holiday filled with lots of fun and plenty of allergy free food adventures. I absolutely loved my time away and wish I could go back already. Hope you enjoyed reading all my blog posts while I was away.

Mummy and little duck


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