Our trip to Padstow

For our second day of holiday we ventured to Padstow, I love it here such a lovely seaside town with great food for all and some beautiful independent shops from galleries to a new shop I saw today which was selling beautiful Christmas decorations but thought to myself maybe a bit to early for that.

First we went to Cornish Delights which is a lovely little sweet shop in the town there wasn’t much for Astrid to have due to her allergies but she did get to have a pick n mix of Jelly Beans which she loved. Each flavour had the full ingredients listed so was easy to pick the ones she could have. They went down an absolute treat and was the first time for Astrid, all day from the buggy I would just hear “Mum need more jelly beans!!!”.

After this we ventured round town looking in lots of shops there were many pasty shops and bakery’s but unfortunately nothing allergy friendly for us. But definitely some great food if you are just coeliac as plenty of fudge for those who can have dairy or beautiful pavlovas for those who can have both egg and dairy.

On our way back to the car we popped into Rick Steins Deli and picked up a large supply of foods. There were some new treats in there which I hadn’t seen before some posh gluten free pasta which we bought, quite pricey at Β£4 but hoping it will be a good brand. We also got some of our stokes favourites the Mint Sauce and Mustard, I absolutely love the Stokes brand all of there sauces are delicious and both of these are free of all the things we cant have. I use both of these for various recipes including my gravy for roasts as the mint sauce gives a lovely sour sweet taste which I think I nice for a gravy. We decided to try the olives thus time as they had been moved to a separate part of the shop which was free of any egg products, when we had been before this was right next to many items which we couldn’t have including mayonnaise covered salads and I am always worried that things will fall into the bowls from people serving themselves. We are always super careful with self serve areas and very rarely never take the risk but in this instance I felt it was safe enough.

After we left the shop we thought we would try and see if it was possible to have some fish and chips from Rick Steins take away restaurant we spoke to them and they were extremely helpful and advised us all the chips were cooked separately in either beef dripping or vegetable oil (for those who required vegetarian option)Β  and the fish was grilled with vegetable oil to so we were so happy for Astrid to have her first try of chip shop food. I must say it was delicious and we went for the lemon sole with chips deal, Astrid absolutely loved it and pretty much ate the whole thing. It was so nice for her to have chips and to feel involved with everyone else. There was a great vegetarian option as well, Deep fried halloumi in a bun with chipotle relish and salad, my little sister had this and said it was amazing. I have never really noticed before but vegetarian options are not great when eating out so this was something I thought looked very tasty and most meat eaters would have to.

Overall Padstow was a great day out brilliant for food and beautiful view a must for anyone in Cornwall with or without dietary needs.

Mummy and little duck, Cornwall 2016.

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