Welcome to the duck pond

Since Astrid was born I wanted to start a blog and share my journey of becoming a mum with all the other mum out there. I’m sure your all wondering why is my blog called the life with my little duck, from a very young age Astrid has absolutely loved ducks and has so so many ducks in many forms rubber, cuddly, cushions you name it she has it. So this blog is very much my tribute to her and the loving little girl she has become.

Astrid is very much my daughter in so many ways her allergies and intolerances for one are a produce of me and definitely not her dad. Shes also a massive chatter box to and crazy intense but she has such a kind heart and is so happy she makes being a mummy the best job I could ever do.

For me pregnancy was not enjoyable from start to finish I found it just incredibly uncomfortable and stressful. The stress for me was the constant worry I had was I eating the right things, getting enough rest, doing to much at work it was endless worries. I also had the added horribleness of my constant own hospital visits with my own conditions and injections everyday for my blood clotting condition, but as much as I didn’t enjoy being pregnant it was so worth the wait and worry of everyday.

Being a mum for me has been extremely rewarding I love watching Astrid learn new things and getting excited about the world, she really brightens every day for me and I couldn’t imagine the world without her now.

I hope this blog can be a great way for me to share these moments with my friends, family and all of you who are reading this. I also hope I can help ease some worries or questions any mums have who are struggling with there Childs allergies and intolerances.
Cant wait to share more moments with you all.

Love mummy and little duck ❀ (Ally and Astrid)

One thought on “Welcome to the duck pond

  1. Your hard work and love have shone though, although we do not have a great deal of contact with Astrid, your wonderful photos and comments keep us in touch and every morning I say hello to Astrid and I tell the daily photo that I love her, well done to both of you for having such a wonderful child and for the love she generates


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